How to Prevent Pallet Damage?

How to Prevent Pallet Damage?

Pallet damage can lead to high expenses and waste to your supply chain. It isn’t just the value of rebuilding or replacing the pallet itself. As a result, you furthermore may demand to think about the obligations your company will incur if the merchandise loaded thereon pallet is broken.

So, what should do to scale back pallet damage?
If you are a starter, you’ll need to check out products which are designed to guard pallets.
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Below are a couple of ways to prevent Pallet Damage:

  1. Get high-quality rack protectors
    The corners of the racking system are susceptible to damage thanks to collisions or impact by loads. Consider fortifying the racks with corner protectors and frame protectors. 
  2. Place lights on racks and forklifts
    Pallets are an essential component of any supply chain. Over 70% of pallet damage is caused while hauling goods. Install lights and mirrors on pallets and forklifts to make sure driver visibility and safety.
  3. Prevent pallet overloading
    Avoid stacking loads on the pallets beyond the prescribed capacity. It may result in product collapses and cause more severe consequences like injuries to workers, damage to products and lost production time.
  4. Ensure greater aisle space
    Clumsy and narrow spaces don’t allow free movement of the forklifts. A warehouse with compromised floor space will have higher chances of striking a rack. Aisle width should ensure sufficient space to support passing forklifts and pedestrians.
  5. Regular inspections
    Pallets often go unnoticed unless a load sags or shifts occurs. Periodic examination of the racks must be administered to spot the potential issues. The possible signs to seem out for are – damages like bents, dents, scraped paint etc.
  6. Speed adjustments
    One of the simplest ways to preventing damage to the racks are to possess a final regulation for drivers. This may reduce the collisions in warehouses. Confirm that the speed of the forklift isn’t quite 8 miles per hour within the aisle area and no quite 3 miles per hour near pedestrians.

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