Our Services

EXZOD India Pvt Ltd has been one of the leading names in the field of world-class pallets suitable for a wide range of industries. Our products go through all kinds of treatments that enhance functional durability; prevent them from decaying by fungus, borers, and termites. The company has supplied quality products that are designed to perfection in customized volumes and sizes of Best-quality plastic and wooden pallets and boxes.

When you are searching for sturdy, long-lasting pallets of all dimensions, EXZOD India Pvt Ltd is the best choice. Our products are perfect for racking and processes involving dynamic applications. We bring maximum optimized utilization of resources by bringing pallets that suit your needs.

Some of Our Top Services

Pallet Selling

EXZOD is into sale model for pallets which includes Wooden, Plastic and Metallic of standard as well as customized sizes and of different grades pallets for variety of industrial uses, whether the product is of light weight or of heavy duty industrial use bringing maximum optimized utilization of the resources as per customer requirement.

EXZOD is amongst the few organized players in the pallets industry offering Pooling solutions in India With 24 manufacturing and multiple service tie-ups in PAN India, with the help of this we provide pallets at a very competitive price with the finest quality and provide our value addition in designing the pallets as per the product of our client that would help in an overall reduction of clients expenses.

We are also into the sale of refurbished pallets which helps in reducing carbon footprint which plays a major role in saving the environment. We provide pallets at competitive prices. We have the pallets you need!

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and Repair

We offer annual maintenance service to our clients on a contract basis. Here we take complete care of your assets so that you can focus on other things and leave Maintenance to the expert team at your disposal.

Right from the Audit of assets to segregation of repairable stocks to tagging of repaired ones using saffron tag process, Repair of worn-out pallets and Training, We manage all. We are a pool of talented and skilled personnel who are working together with a mission of client satisfaction.

EXZOD’s specialist will visit your manufacturing facility to conduct the professional inventory control program to manage the accuracy and precision of the stock. Repairing can be done on-site or off-site .The latest technology and our proper indexing system will help you in organizing your entire asset management which will help you to get more out of your assets and facility in a very organized manner. We are here to take care of your assets with all-time emergency support whenever you need it. Which will ultimately help you to save money and make your budgeting easier.

In House Packaging

The most crucial step to the overall packaging project is to provide the best packaging solution and design concept. We have a team of expert packaging designers and builders to provide clients with the highest level of quality in packaging. Our in-house packaging team with expert manpower across locations is proficient to design, build and package a client’s product and deliver the same at a predetermined time with complete satisfaction.

Value Engineering

We differentiate ourselves by providing value in a product, system or service by using the practice of Value Engineering. Here we use a function-oriented, systematic team approach and study to add value to a product, system or service. Often, this improvement is focused on cost reduction considering the factors of customer perceived quality and performance in the value equation. The methods used to make us a leader in the industry of providing a total asset management system.